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Timeless Vitality: The Art of Aging Gracefully for Women Over 40 Course - Additional Charge

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Get a certificate by completing the program.
Group of women over 40 from diverse backgrounds who are having fun while on their midlife wellness journey.  They love to enhance their vibrancy, intuition, beauty, and empowerment - V.I.B.E.


In "Timeless Vitality - The Art of Aging Gracefully for Women Over 40" , you'll embark on a journey of holistic well-being tailored for vibrant women over 40. Discover practices that enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health, empowering you to embrace aging with a positive mindset. You'll create a personalized plan for graceful aging, uniquely crafted to meet your individual needs and goals. Step into a brighter, more confident future where you radiate beauty and embrace your age with grace.

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Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From $139.00


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