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V.I.B.E. Emotions

peace + clarity + resilience

These have not been easy times. Many of us have been pushed into a reality that we just weren't prepared for.  We are also experiencing feelings we may have had before, but not to this extreme.  Anxious thoughts, feeling a sense of overwhelm and unrelenting stress, and perhaps not feeling good enough or ready to face what is ahead.  You are not alone.  These feelings are real and bring with them the need to make a change.    Are you ready to make that change?  It's doable.  You can make a change and live free of these negative feelings and emotions.  You can have a V.I.B.E. ( vibrant, intuitive, beautiful and emerged) life! can start TODAY


Where Do You Start?

Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of a program that teaches you holistic ways to :

*Reduce stress

*Decrease symptoms of menopause

*Increase your clarity and productivity

*Change to a more positive mindset

*Stop anxious thoughts

*Achieve a sense of peace

*Be more resilient with a "can do" attitude

And most importantly a program that leaves you assured that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and deserve a life of that is vibrant, intuitive, beautiful and emerged ...V.I.B.E.


V.I.B.E. Emotion Sessions

Anxious Thoughts, Feelings of Overwhelm and Stress

Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a Holistic Living and Wellness Expert for Women Over 40.  For over 25 years, Lynnis struggled with the symptoms that come from PTSD - anxious thoughts, feelings of overwhelm, and stress.    

Women are twice as more likely as men to suffer from feelings of anxiety and stress.  This comes as no surprise when you think about the many roles women play in our society.  Now with the issue of the pandemic mid-life women have the additional responsibility for maintaining the health of their family, providing inspiration and encouragement.  In addition, mid-life women are faced with all the symptoms that come with pre and post-menopause. 

The combination of all these life experiences is one of the main prevailing factors for the increase of anxious thoughts, sleeplessness, emotional eating, depression, exhaustion, and feeling over overwhelm.    

In in these sessions, you will learn:

  • Symptoms of stress and anxious thoughts 

  • Holistic ways to deal with stress and anxiety 

  • Yoga moves that can help reduce the feelings of stress and overwhelm 

  • How to use aromatherapy to aid in reducing symptoms of stress and anxious thoughts

  • How to have a deeper sleep 

  • Ways to decrease pre and post-menopausal symptoms

  • Supplements and herbs that can help when dealing with the symptoms of menopause, stress and fatigue 

  • Holistic practices can help reduce anxious thoughts, stress, feelings of overwhelm, and fatigue.

And much more ... 


V.I.B.E Emotion Sessions

Quieting The Inner Critic and Releasing Negative Self-Talk

Naomi Holbrook is a Certified Nutrition & Transformation Coach empowering Women Over 40 to take control of their health, regain their energy levels and build unshakeable confidence. 

Naomi suffered significant adolescent trauma from the age of 12 which has led her to over 30 years of poor mental wellbeing; clinical depression, a nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and ongoing anxiety disorder. 

V.I.B.E Emotions will create a safe place to talk openly and honestly about our wellbeing and the daily challenges we experience. This last year has, unsurprisingly seen a significant strain on mental health & emotional wellbeing.   

During these sessions, you will:

  • Understand the signs, tools, recommendations

  • Get helpful advice to come away with improved and stronger wellbeing. 

  • Identify the signs of depression, stress, and anxiety

  • Begin to practice emotional wellbeing habits and internal health habits that will lead to wellbeing

  • Learn how to come out the other side of depression

  • Deal with the thoughts and those false feelings of never being enough 

And much more ...

Want to find out more?  Take a look at our videos to give you an idea about the program and how much FUN you will have while dropping those pounds and inches!!  Enjoy! 

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8 Weeks
8 Sessions

  • Group Coaching

  • Live and Recorded Sessions

  • Private FB Group

  • Text Support

  • One on One Intake

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 Are You Sick You and Tired of Feeling "Sick and Tired"?

peace + clarity + resilience

It is very common these days to have feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxious thoughts, and depression.  But when these feelings and thoughts become debilitating, what do you do?  How can you move past these thoughts, change your mindset to one of resilience with the expectation of positive outcomes? How can you "free" yourself from feelings that keep you from feeling a sense of peace and joy?  Are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to stop the cycle of negativity and exhaustion?

Sessions Available Available Now

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V.I.B.E. Emotions

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