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About V.I.B.E. Founder/Expert

Lynnis Woods-Mullins

Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert and Certified Life Coach for women over 40.  She is the Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness a mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women 40 and over on wellness.  

For over 10 years, Lynnis has educated Women over 40 about mind, body, spirit wellness through coaching programs, e-books, DVDs, radio programs, webinars, special online events,  a digital magazine, and podcast programs, webcast series, and wellness retreats.  The focus topics are educating Women about holistic practices, fitness, nutrition, and spiritual renewal.

Lynnis is the creator of the Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond brand, VI.B.E. Living, and the H.O.P.E. and Wellness brand.  She is the Co-Author of “Power Up Super Woman” and Publisher of Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine.   Lynnis has three podcast and webcast,  “V.I.B.E. Living” and “Lynnis Minutes” and “The Wellness Journey” all of which air on Apple Podcast and 8 other podcast platforms.   Lynnis has an over 50-year background in dance and performed for years throughout the country.

Lynnis’s philosophy is “Mid-life doesn’t mean no life. Mid-life is an opportunity to thrive and to V.I.B.E. (be vibrant, intuitive, beautiful, and emerged) I am passionate about encouraging women over 40 to be empowered to move forward with optimism as they age. It is never to late to make a lifestyle change, go after your dreams and to increase the joy in your life” 

"I hired Lynnis to work with her on one and I have never felt lighter, more energetic, and enthusiastic about mindful eating and I am releasing  weight and dropping inches"  Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen

"When I first started working with Lynnis, anxiety ruled my life.  It was difficult for me to focus and to move forward throughout my day.  Now I am clear, more focused and my overall wellness is much better" Joy DeStress The Mess Client

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About V.I.B.E. Moving  Expert

Jessica Monarch

Jessica Monarch is a teacher, a coach, a dancer, a mother, a wife, a friend, and a lover of life! Her passion is to guide and support women on their unique journeys to self-empowered health and sustainable fitness.

Jessica is an ACE certified health and fitness coach, a Pilates Professional of over 15 years, a certified MA, and a movement teacher of dance, low-flying trapeze, and movement meditation.

Jessica uses her skills in movement, intuition, and her understanding of body mechanics to create specialized workouts that help to strengthen and support you on your journey to more empowered health. With 1:1 coaching, group support sessions, and accountability practices, you will learn how to listen to your body, build strength from the inside out, follow your yes, and cultivate your joy! This is the path of self-empowered health!

“From working with Jessica, I discovered a strength and fluidity in my body that I never knew I had. I love how she teaches and the guidance she offers. It’s always easy to follow and she is a lot of fun! Every time I take her class I feel like I have connected to a new part of myself! She is a true gem!” - Deborah Wolf (Former Pilates client)


About V.I.B.E. Wellbeing Expert

Naomi Holbrook

Naomi Holbrook is a certified Nutrition Consultant and Transformation Coach.  

Naomi empowers women 40+ to take control of their health, lose weight, regain energy and build unshakable confidence through Wellthy Evolution® Transformation Program which she founded.  

With over 20 years’ experience in the Wellbeing & Beauty Industry Naomi brings an overall holistic approach to her clients through high-level 121 coachings in Nutrition, Sleep, Mindset, Habit Forming & Accountability to help them achieve the best overall health.   

Naomi left her 20+ year corporate career behind at the age of 40 to create a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life for herself. She retrained as a Nutrition & Transformation Coach and has spent the last few years fulfilling her dream of helping other women to regain control of their own physical & mental health, as she has done for herself. 

She continues to help, support, and encourage 100’s of women across the globe to come through their own health transformations and thrive in all aspects of their life. 

"Naomi is a role model,  her own story of moving to a healthy lifestyle,  her zest for a new way of living is inspirational and gives her huge credibility. I believed in her,  felt supported by her and her positive mindset always picked me up. I am enormously grateful to Naomi - my cheerleader, my coach, my mentor & motivator. She has a real gift to inspire others." Julie (Transformation Client)

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