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17 years ago I was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder... 

My Story

 Determined to find a holistic path to healing, I embarked on a journey of profound lifestyle changes, embracing the principles of mind, body, and spirit wellness.


Through this transformative experience, I realized my calling: to leave corporate America and create a space for women over 40 to learn that they don't have to suffer through midlife. Instead, they can thrive and continue to V.I.B.E.—to be more Vibrant, Intuitive, Beautiful, and Empowered.


This website is a haven for you to explore a wealth of content on nutrition, fitness, holistic practices, and spiritual renewal. Each resource is crafted to motivate and engage you, reminding you that midlife doesn’t mean the end of vibrant living.


Midlife is an opportunity to rediscover yourself, to V.I.B.E., and to pursue the dreams you once set aside. Join our community and sign up for the membership to unlock the tools and inspiration you need to live your best life now. It's time to embrace midlife as the vibrant, fulfilling adventure it truly is


Come on, let's V.I.B.E. together!

" I enrolled in her Destress the Mess Coaching. Small and useful tips to implement little by little are the takeaways I'm getting. Speaking with her 1-on-1 strengthens my efforts to move into a less stressful life. I'm looking forward to learning more from you Lynnis. Thank you for all the great information you provide"

T. Payne, South Carolina 

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